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PRICE Real Estate& Rentals

We are a family-owned business dedicated to managing our investment properties, providing maintenance services, and conducting real estate sales services. Over the past 18 years Price Properties and our Land Company has grown from a small, home office in Brookings to a business that now acquires, develops and manages our own properties.  We provide rental property throughout the Brookings and Sioux Falls area.


We also specialize in listing and selling residential property in the same areas! The residential real estate sales office at 611 6th St serves anyone wishing to buy or sell homes with a person that cares.

We communicate timely and accurate information to you across all service areas. This means engaging in continuous improvement, deploying the latest technology, and actively listening to you, our client.

 We have brought positive experiences to owners and tenants with our strong work ethics and knowledgeable staff.

We are actively involved with  National Association of Realtors (NAR)®.

Our Residents can reach us 24/7(hours a day) in the event of a maintenance emergency. When we are in the office we answer the phones ourselves. The voicemail system only picks up if no one is available by the third ring. Our digital telephone system features direct lines and "one number access" which enable you to reach our associates even when we are out of the office. 


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